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“When the soulless go marching by”

Like lambs to the slaughter
Keep marching past
Dare you to think
Dare you to act
Hey there, You!
Like nothing more than tin soldiers en masse
Ironic juxtaposition escapes you
Forge on in your superficial lapse
For what is life without the endless hunt for shallow frivolity And the climb up the ladder of careless tasks?
There is nothing for you here, dear soulless scavengers.
Don’t stop for even a glance.
Keep moving, You, devoid of history.
For the mighty scars of time past
Meet no days of reckoning
With your silence echoing
Louder than any blast.


“The Forlorn Foragers”

And the heavens rumbled
Over cloudy morns
Displaced lives
Flung in winter’s wind
All tattered and torn
Memories billowing up
As those forlorn thoughts
Thunder down like summer storms
Foraging for serenity
From place to place
Finding nothing
As time slips closer
To being anchored
To all that is worn and defaced.

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