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“A Glimpse of a Ghost”

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He died tomorrow
The last conversation
To be only imagined
In my mind
Fool-hearted crush
Long since past
That naive soul
Just a whispered tale
I barely shudder to hear now
So loud the memories
Deafening my ears.
This bedroom window
Still gazing scenes
Well before and after
He entered my dreams.
Of the finer points
Life’s lust for loneliness
We would discuss
Perhaps even agree
Noting landscapes change
When we remain the same
As my attempt at wit
Amid his dash to flee
The hush of his escape
No more to irritate me.
Half uttered goodbye
Coffee in his hand
Off that downtown street
As it was always to be.
I open my book
A slight sigh
Heartened by the mystique
Of he.
You see
A conversation
Was never meant to be.


“Fear Not the Many Shadows of the Hollow Who Trespass the Valleys of our Todays and Tomorrows”

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The die is cast
At last
Tired no more
Of placating ignoramuses
My soul of the past
Takes not a breath
Of the same air
Inhaled by idiots
Who cares of their bravado?
When underneath is hollow
My stream of consciousness
Flows swiftly beyond their senselessness
Fear not the almighty loneliness
With the comfort of a mind in existence
Far removed in even the slightest
From the multitude of vacuous shadows
Who trespass the valleys
Of our todays and tomorrows.

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Ode to Summer

FullSizeRender (23) copy 3
The wind stirs
Over barren fields
Hinting at life
Far from here
Awash with rust
Its taste, its smell, its sight
Burning our desire
To be faithful animals
Working this hard ground
And so the air that sways us
Carries us on
Past autumn and winter chill
Trudging along bleak paths
While longing to swim in salted water
Wishing for nothing but dripping sweat
To cleanse these old wounds
Crusted over with regret
Until we reach our healing sun
Where amidst summer’s sweet dusk
We lay down our lust
Over and Over and Over
Passion unbridled
Cooled by nothing but dew
We swaddle in nature’s lush green
Falling soundly asleep
To the creek’s whispering hush
Where only the firefly’s blinking light
Finds us entangled in our dreams.

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From one high school teacher to all high school students seeking change armed only with the courage of their convictions:
The foundation is crumbling under the weight of a dull and windowless structure. Its unimaginative facade designed by a very limited old school of thought. Driven by the philosophy that windows assume unnecessary space and create excessive costs, these unenlightened architects have established a building that relegates all those who enter to see with the aid of artificial light. You are the youthful visionary who has proposed a glass building that will flood its occupants with natural light. And although you threaten the old way of architectural thinking, people will flock to your building when they realize how the preponderance of natural light incites the imagination…increases productivity…and promotes psychological uplift. Although a glass structure is an arduous and time-consuming process, once completed it will overshadow the decaying structure across the street with intense illuminance!

Photo: (A bright light rising over Washington, DC in the direction of the US Capitol building).

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On Forbidden Love

IMG_7614This claim to sadness
Was not solely yours
I feasted on melancholy
And the hinted sound of closing doors
Doors so suddenly opened
Blazing light upon my eyes
Awakening me to thoughts and needs
Those precious ones
So carefully left behind
I understand the reasons
And fleeing from the risks
Sequestering passion
For it makes the others sick
I turn to the cloak of solitude
Suiting up for another ride
Far away from you
-Gentle One-
The universe commands us to hide.

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“When the soulless go marching by”

Like lambs to the slaughter
Keep marching past
Dare you to think
Dare you to act
Hey there, You!
Like nothing more than tin soldiers en masse
Ironic juxtaposition escapes you
Forge on in your superficial lapse
For what is life without the endless hunt for shallow frivolity And the climb up the ladder of careless tasks?
There is nothing for you here, dear soulless scavengers.
Don’t stop for even a glance.
Keep moving, You, devoid of history.
For the mighty scars of time past
Meet no days of reckoning
With your silence echoing
Louder than any blast.

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“The Careless Caretaker”

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“The Careless Caretaker”

I dream of days
Far from here
Without anxious whispers
A place of stilled fear
Where night sounds
Are numbingly boisterous
And commitment and care
No longer taint what’s joyous
A rattled nerve
An eternal sigh
A sleepless night
Fraught with frightful sight
To be floating
Here and there
The constant caretaker
Finally free of care.