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“A Glimpse of a Ghost”

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He died tomorrow
The last conversation
To be only imagined
In my mind
Fool-hearted crush
Long since past
That naive soul
Just a whispered tale
I barely shudder to hear now
So loud the memories
Deafening my ears.
This bedroom window
Still gazing scenes
Well before and after
He entered my dreams.
Of the finer points
Life’s lust for loneliness
We would discuss
Perhaps even agree
Noting landscapes change
When we remain the same
As my attempt at wit
Amid his dash to flee
The hush of his escape
No more to irritate me.
Half uttered goodbye
Coffee in his hand
Off that downtown street
As it was always to be.
I open my book
A slight sigh
Heartened by the mystique
Of he.
You see
A conversation
Was never meant to be.

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