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Ode to Summer

FullSizeRender (23) copy 3
The wind stirs
Over barren fields
Hinting at life
Far from here
Awash with rust
Its taste, its smell, its sight
Burning our desire
To be faithful animals
Working this hard ground
And so the air that sways us
Carries us on
Past autumn and winter chill
Trudging along bleak paths
While longing to swim in salted water
Wishing for nothing but dripping sweat
To cleanse these old wounds
Crusted over with regret
Until we reach our healing sun
Where amidst summer’s sweet dusk
We lay down our lust
Over and Over and Over
Passion unbridled
Cooled by nothing but dew
We swaddle in nature’s lush green
Falling soundly asleep
To the creek’s whispering hush
Where only the firefly’s blinking light
Finds us entangled in our dreams.

(“Poems of Angst & Rebirth” Amazon, B&N, AuthorHouse) Follow @rscullerspoetry

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