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From one high school teacher to all high school students seeking change armed only with the courage of their convictions:
The foundation is crumbling under the weight of a dull and windowless structure. Its unimaginative facade designed by a very limited old school of thought. Driven by the philosophy that windows assume unnecessary space and create excessive costs, these unenlightened architects have established a building that relegates all those who enter to see with the aid of artificial light. You are the youthful visionary who has proposed a glass building that will flood its occupants with natural light. And although you threaten the old way of architectural thinking, people will flock to your building when they realize how the preponderance of natural light incites the imagination…increases productivity…and promotes psychological uplift. Although a glass structure is an arduous and time-consuming process, once completed it will overshadow the decaying structure across the street with intense illuminance!

Photo: (A bright light rising over Washington, DC in the direction of the US Capitol building).

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