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About the Manuscript

“Poems of Angst and Rebirth” is a collection of poetic compositions that journey into the mind of a Generation X-er attempting to navigate her way through a disconnected world. Seeking solace, meaning, and hope from the crossroads between visualizations of the physical world and the creative word, these poems touch upon themes of despair, isolation, heartbreak, longing to be desired, sociopolitical affairs, self-actualization, and the reawakening to the need for a fulfilling life. Ultimately, they are to be read by all who seek validation of their emotions during periods of loneliness, strength to transgress past adversity and angst, the cathartic effect of reflecting in the midst of our natural environment, and the inspiration to achieve connection in a disconnected world.

Introduction to the Manuscript

Poems of Angst and Rebirth is the culminating creative product of the struggle to coexist between a mainstream and otherworldly reality. I began to experience moments of literary inspiration when words would rain down upon me in these spurts of poetic thought during a rather lengthy period of depression and anxiety in my early twenties as an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia. Often appearing outwardly confident and socially-oriented, my inner world was in a state of turmoil and isolation. Desperate to feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and higher meaning from my existence, I sought solace and strength in the creation of poetic compositions. The power of these poetically inspired moments-often incited by the natural world-has remained with me now into my 46th year and I continue to write on a daily basis. I hope to share with you the transcending effects of embracing artistic expression.